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"Kitchen Revolutions" of the "Green Rhinoceros" in Piastoc.  After Magda Gessler's visit to "Green Vietnam" :: Magazine :: RMF FM

“Kitchen Revolutions” of the “Green Rhinoceros” in Piastoc. After Magda Gessler’s visit to “Green Vietnam” :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Another chapter of “Kitchen Revolutions” is behind us. There is no shortage of great emotions … no sense of humor. What happens after the program? Did the restaurant survive? Did the revolution succeed? Below is a summary of the chapter.

“A restaurant from Białystok asked me for help”

Biastock. It is right here In one of the hostelsOwners: 53-year-old Beta and 54-year-old Paweł decided to set up a buffet. Green Rhinoceros offers Vietnamese food to students. Although initially “business was going on somehow”, epidemiology and distance learning created it Customers began to leave. The crew did not leave. “I still feel like we have the strength to fight for this restaurant, for this buffet, for Vietnamese food,” we ask in the episode. Magda Kessler comes to the rescue.

A restaurant from Białystok asked me for help, but I did not know where it was or what kind of restaurant it was. – Explains.

Beta and Powell’s team include the following: 23-year-old Vova, Sien, who is called Marcin by the group, and 42-year-old Marta, the site manager. A restaurant known throughout Poland, she found her way. Not without some flaws in it. The next day “Green Rhinoceros” A translator appearedWho was to assist in the conversations between the “creator of taste and style” and a chef from Vietnam.

May be the day I understand a chef’s culinary aspirations – Kessler insists.

The interior represents the Vietnamese Enjoy landscapes, shades of green and lots of photos on the walls. “There will be 30 meals. Not 200, but 30. You have to decide by tomorrow “- adds the restaurant. Green rhinoceros is now Green Vietnam. The official banquet delighted the guests. “Keep it up,” Kessler concluded. 4 weeks later she returned to the place: “I hope you get a quick teleportation to Vietnamese flavors.”

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In the restaurant There were also guests. There is a reason …

I am very happy to have such a place on the map of Poland and want to be as healthy as possible. This is crazy here – Commentary on “Kitchen Revolutions”.

What happens after the program? The restaurant still seems to be working. Achieves its average rating based on 150 reviews from Google 4.2 stars.