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"Hate affair".  KO wanted a meeting of the Parliamentary Judiciary Committee

“Hate affair”. KO wanted a meeting of the Parliamentary Judiciary Committee

On Friday, the Sezm Justice and Human Rights Commission met with the Attorney General for information Zbigniew Ziobro “It simply came to our notice then The new situation is called hate corruption. “. About what he recently revealed – Report Judge Arkadiusz Cichocki of Gliwice admitted that he had collected information about Judge Monica Frokovic.

In 2019, the Onet portal reported that under the leadership of then-Deputy Minister of Justice Łukasz Piebiak, there was a group of judges defaming judges opposing changes in the judiciary introduced by the PiS. Recently, the panel of judges told TVN24: Arkadiusz Cichocki and Tomasz Szmydt.

Both judges appeared before the panel on Friday’s session, but after it began, the 10-member panel chaired the meeting Marek Ast (PiS) closed the session – as he explained – in the presence of these people, he disagreed.

– We will explain this matter and no exception will change it – she said Camila Kasyuk-Bihovich (KO) to Marka Asta.

Before the committees began, a press conference was convened by KO representatives.

On the one hand, Kasyuk-Bihovich called for the participation of judges who were injured in the “hate scandal”: Monica Frokovic, Voltaire Surak and Bartomij Starosta, on the other – “remorseful” participants. Corruption “, Judges: Chichoki and Smith.

– All of them can openly submit such explanations which are important to explain the whole corruption related to the activities of the hate gang in the Ministry of Justice. I applied to the group leader Marek Austin for the participation of these individuals, but I received a negative response and I read it without hesitation: PiS does not want to know the truth, escapes from this fact and tries to openly protect Zbigniew Ziobro, Gasiuk-Pihowicz estimates.

He announced during the committee meeting that he would renew his proposal. He also hopes that the “repentant” judges will be able to speak and give explanations during Friday’s session.

He also pointed out that the so-called names of other judges are hate corruption. – These types of people should not be allowed to be included in the National Judicial Council because it would be a reward for haters – people who humiliate and hate their colleagues – the KO MP insisted.

For her, the matter needs clarity. – That is why we call for the suspension of the selection of candidates for the National Council, which is unconstitutional in the judiciary, until all allegations made in public against the candidates for this institution are clarified – Kasyuk-Bihovich said.

Arkadiusz Mircha (KO) wondered why the so-called investigations into the hate scandal have been going on for three years. – The prosecutor’s office is quiet, it does not even say that it did not pick up, but does everything to forget about this case and bury it – said the representative of the KO.

On Tuesday, the Sejm Justice and Human Rights Commission backed a list of 15 candidates nominated by the PiS Club and Sejm’s Presidium to the National Council for Justice. Most of them are current council members. Opposition MPs voted against the list; They had more objections to the candidature of Judge Masij Nawakki.

The majority of the current members of the Council are candidates for the National Court Record – the list includes 15 judges – 11 members: Katarzyna Chmura, Dariusz Drajewicz, Grzegorz Furmankiewicz, Marek Jaskulski, Joanna Kołodziej-Michałowicz. Łąpińska, Zbigniew Łupina, Maciej Nawacki, Dagmara Pawełczyk-Woicka, Rafał Puchalski and the current head of the National Court Registry, Paweł Styrna. The list is made up of four judges: former Minister of Justice and Supreme Court Justice Anna Talkovskaya, Judge Irina Bochniak of the Krakw-Botkors District Court, Judge Kristina Morava-Frylovich of the Nauvoo Dark District Court and Judge. District Court in Warsaw Stanisław Zdun. Initially, there were recommendations for former Deputy Minister of Justice Łukasz Piebiak and current member of the Council Jarosław Dudzicz, but they were eventually withdrawn.

During Tuesday’s discussion of the Commission, there were also allegations regarding the participation of some of the so-called candidates. A hate scandal. The names of the judges were then mentioned: Navaki, Trojevik and Buchalsky.

This is the second time in a row that the current judicial members of the Council have been elected by the Sejm – having previously been elected by judicial circles. The first election of 15 judges to the National Judicial Council of the previous term was held on March 6, 2018, with the election of nine candidates for the PIS Club and six members of the Cookies ’15 Club and the then Opposition Club. PO, Nowoczesna and PSL-UED abstained. Currently, the opposition has decided not to participate in the process of selecting judges for the National Judicial Council.

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