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Africa is particularly affected by the Govt-Walkchirch

The Waltzkirch drive “Drive to Help” attracts interim reserve / currency and material donations to the ASP Health Clinic in the Gambia.

(BZ). The Drive to Help initiative was also active in 2020. Donations could not be made directly just because of the corona epidemic. This is the result of an interim balance now provided by the Voluntary Waldkirch Assistance Organization.

About a year ago, on March 8, the fifth donation voyage began in the direction of West Africa with six donated cars and twelve passengers. The ASP Health Clinic in Gambia is the target. However, in Marrakech, Morocco, the trip came to an abrupt end despite preliminary studies. The border to Mauritania was closed and the next voyage to the Gambia was blocked. Instead of waiting, the decision was made to return quickly, meaning the last boat to Spain had just arrived.

Nevertheless, the initiative maintained regular exchanges with two German clinic directors. Among other things, material requirements for 2020 were sent this way. Donations collected from the vehicles were taken to Hamburg, where they are now awaiting shipment to the Gambia. It is true that container transport is more expensive than transporting one’s own vehicle; However, it is not yet certain when this trip will be made. However, donations – despite the corona epidemic – will arrive at the clinic soon, where they will be needed more than ever.

According to the report, the collected donations will be integrated into the clinic as needed and flow 100 percent to the clinic. This is because the initiative has no administrative costs and costs for account management or postage are included by the association’s fees.

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The planned “Face” project, for which “Drive to Help” has already become a permanent partner, had to be canceled in the spring. Functions for all types of facial deformities are to be carried out within this framework. So patients who needed emergency treatment had to be put off.

The prevalence of Covit-19 in the Gambia poses challenges to ASP Health Clinic. At the beginning of August 2020, the number of registered cases rose to 3,600, with more unregistered cases. The country was completely closed. The economy collapsed as the majority of the population depended on tourism. Unlike anything they have seen over the years, the clinic management has reported a population living in abject poverty and starvation. The number of patients at the clinic fell by about 40 percent from spring to mid-2020 as patients were afraid to go to the clinic. Either because they had symptoms of Govt-19 disease or because the fear of infection was too high. This caused a huge loss in the clinic’s revenue. As he was informed, only thanks to the support of the union was he able to continue to hire staff when there were layoffs elsewhere.

Purchasing medicines and medical supplies such as masks and gloves is mentioned as one of the biggest problems. These are hard to find in the market, or at high prices and substandard. Clinic management has reported a 300 percent and more price increase. In addition to dealing with the infection, the ASP Health Clinic plans to repair the roof, sewer pipes and electricity as a matter of urgency. At the same time it should be extended by one floor. During the project, two volunteers will remove the solar panel funded by “Drive to Help” in 2016 and re-install it on the new roof. This construction activity will financially support this initiative so that the clinic can provide comprehensive care to the Gambia people.

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Recently, “Drive to Help” also organized an extraordinary donation: the complete setup of dental practice in Thuringia. These medical devices and decorative items are also brought to Hamburg and shipped to the Gambia in containers.

At the end of 2021, the “jump” surgery program will be held for the second time at the ASP Health Clinic, which will include a two-week surgical marathon, during which trauma surgery will be performed. In addition to treating new and old fractures, contracts are also settled, burns are treated and so on.

The hope now is that donated cars can be taken to the ASP Health Clinic in the Gambia in the spring of 2022 – and then again full of medical donations. All participants are motivated by 2020 to end the missed mission.

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