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Is Agnieszka Kazorowska-Biela on her third pregnancy?  Fans paid attention to one detail - Wprost's entertainment

Is Agnieszka Kazorowska-Biela on her third pregnancy? Fans paid attention to one detail – Wprost’s entertainment

Agnieszka Kazorowska, who played Bozenka in “Gilan” for many years, is a world-class award-winner in ballroom dancing and has recently perfected herself in a different field. The star became not only a mother of two children, but also an influence. She often offers parenting advice and interviews with experts that we can watch.

The star reports moments with her family and talks about how she is enjoying motherhood. Her Instagram has no shortage of parenting advice and her own thoughts. In one of the interviews for “Wprost”. She makes no secret of what her priorities are.

– Since Emilka is with us, I have completely different priorities. Although family has always been first and my highest value, when I became a mother the concept of family was completely different – said Agnieszka Kazorowska-Bela.

Is Agnieszka Kazorowska-Biela on her third pregnancy?

Currently, the actress and dancer has two daughters: Emilia and Capricia, but she is still very active on social media. Recently, she shared a romantic post with her husband Maciej Bela. Couple sitting in a romantic pose on the beach of the Baltic Sea. “We are not afraid of the wind, we are not afraid of the clouds, the rain appears rarely and for a short time … greetings from the Baltic Sea” – wrote Agnieszka Kazorowska-Biela. The dancer added romantic music to the black and white recording.

However, something completely different caught the attention of fans. In the video, we see a celebrity’s husband holding his hand on his stomach. This prompted fans to question whether Kazorowska was pregnant with her third. “Is there another little bell in the stomach?”; “Third on the way?”; “Are you on your third pregnancy?”; “I don’t want to blame you, but are you pregnant?” – We read under the post. The aspirant took the stage himself. Agnieszka Kazorowska-Belg wrote a funny reply to a female fan. “I didn’t know anything about it until now” – revealed the young mother, adding a smiling emoticon.

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Agnieszka Kazorowska-Bela