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Olivia Beanieuk: "Love".  Someone else accompanies her to the recording!  :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Olivia Beanieuk: “Love”. Someone else accompanies her to the recording! :: Magazine :: RMF FM

The 19-year-old shared a cute video with her fans. This material appeared in the Instagram statement of the celebrity. “What love […]. I love only you “- we ask in a short video. Olivia Beniuk showed herself in an exceptional company!

Olivia Beniuk, despite her young age, already had an artistic account Participation in the twelfth edition of the show “Dancing with the Stars”. Dancing with the Stars”. Together with Michał Bartkiewicz, they won the hearts of the judges of the dance show and In the end they finished third. A curious star Takes its first steps into show business. She doesn’t hide what she likes Develop towards acting And, like my mom, be active in the art scene.

Anna Przybylska, known for her production, incl. such as: “Złotopolscy”, “Life of Nicosia Disma”, “Ticket to the Moon”, “Far from the Stretcher”, “Boxer”, It received recognition and sympathy from the audience. In 2016, he lost his battle with the disease. She died at the young age of 36. The artist has been personally associated for many years With Jaroslav Beniuk, she raised her daughter and sons: Simone and John. Oliwia Bieniuk often refers to her mother Shares frames from the family archive. The movie premiered on October 5, 2022 titled “Ania”. From October 7, 2022, the documentary will be shown in theaters across Poland.

Katarzyna Bujakiewicz touches words about Anna Przybylska. When is the premiere of “Aniya”?

Katarzyna Bujakiewicz published a post on social media in which she mentioned the production of the documentary. “Ania”. He also mentioned his relationship with Anna Przybylska. “With Ania, life was easy…

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Olivia Beanieuk on Instagram

19 years old Dreaming of an acting career and at the same time unpopular on the internet. He is already monitoring the content he posts on Instagram 251 thousand people. Items from everyday life, backdrops for professional projects, and effects from professional photo sessions will catch the eye of web visitors. Olivia Beanieuk It attracts with its naturalness, sense of humor, distance and positive energyIt also affects the fans.

“I Only Love You”

In addition to various photos, a young celebrity Also provides relationships. Na InstaStories He shares his thoughts, experiences and experiences, answers questions from the audience, shows how he spends his free time. Now he shared a video of himself with someone else.

We’re going for a walk, aren’t we? […] what love We go and go. I love only you – We ask in the published video.

The charming video went viral and touched the audience. In essence, we get a chance to see two dogs that seem to hold a special place in the 19-year-old’s heart.

love – refers to Olivia Bean in a short title.

We send our best wishes!


Olivia Beniuk strips down and poses in a bikini. She showed how she looks without makeup!

Burning rays of the sun, moments spent on the terrace, sounds of music, fresh fruits and complete relaxation – this is what the 19-year-old celebrity’s free time looks like. The daughter of the late Anna Przybylska and Jaroslav Beniuk was delighted with the natural version. So it uses…

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