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Pain first, then complete domination.  The Two Faces of Iga Swedek

Pain first, then complete domination. The Two Faces of Iga Swedek

Iga Swedek suffered a concussion in the first set of the match against Anhelina Kalinina. In the next two games, the Polish tennis player gave up just one game to the Ukrainians and advanced to the next round of the WTA 1000 tournament in Indian Wells.

Lucas Ivanek

Iga Switech

Getty Images / Photo: Iga Świątek

Iga Swedek took part in the tournament in Indian Wells and won by a landslide in Doha. In October last year, the Polish woman reached the 1/8 finals in California. This season, the event returned to the calendar for March. As a tennis player, Russinianka had a free rule and started the match from the second round. On Thursday he faced Anhelina Kalinina.

Swede had minor problems in the first game of the tournament. He gave his opponent a break point through a double mistake, but he countered it with a slip. The Polish woman pressured her rival with a quick and accurate return. One of them gave her a 3: 1 break. Russinianka, however, faced problems with the consistency of his plays from within the court. She was in a hurry, not avoiding mistakes.

Brave Kalinina increased the speed of the stroke and kept the ball better on the court. She sent two large pins. As a result, Swede lost, and in the fifth inning he gave the pass and then threw the hand. Shortly afterwards, two good returners brought a breakthrough for Poland at 4: 2. Her service and forehand were not perfect. Using this, Kalinina tied it at 4: 4.

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Swedek’s actions were ruled by complete chaos. The Broken Forehand series lost its ninth game. Kalinina, who had a chance to break the set of the Grand Slam champion, could not bear the tension. She made three double errors and returned the application. It did not end the Polish woman’s problems. She threw her back arm in a long trade and broke again. This time she did not make up for the loss. The two who returned did not work out and the first set was over.

SwiTech also started the second set out of trouble. She overcame them after chasing two break points. First, she sent a finishing backhand over the loom, and secondly she was defeated by Kalinina and returned. The Polish woman slowly came out of the helpless abyss, but that did not mean that she suddenly started playing concerts. Nothing was easy for her, but she started hitting important points in the series.

After a double error by his rival, Swedek went out 2: 0. He then chased down three break points 0-40, two of them with good attacks. She cut off her rival’s wings. Kalinina was not so diligent in exchanges, which was also due to the Polish woman, who had high accuracy in her game. The Ukrainian woman served badly and badly. In the fourth and sixth games, he made two double mistakes. Swedek added some good returns and won the second set 6-0.

The siege continued on the third party. A deep backhand forcing a mistake gave her a break in the second game. The Polish woman followed suit, responded well to the opponent’s shortcut and used a break point of 4: 0. Kalinina, who was relentless in the fight, broke our representative series with an excellent backhand. There is no question of a twist. Swedek found his own rhythm and dictated the court’s terms. With a deep twist that forced the error, he got a 5: 1 gap. In the seventh game, Polka finished the match with a magnificent forehand cross.

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In a two-hour game, Swedeck sent out 31 final strokes. He made 49 unforced errors, 28 of which were in the first set. Kalinina won by 10 balls directly and by 54 errors. The Polish woman won five aces, while the Ukrainian woman made nine double mistakes. Russin’s tennis defender scored 11 of 16 break points and used nine of his 14 break points.

Kalinina debuted in the top 50 in January. Last season in Budapest, he reached the first final of the main series. Swedek won the 15th game this year (tie 15-3). A Polish woman and a Ukrainian woman have never met in professional courts.

Another competitor of the Swedec is Tanka Clara Dawson or Brazilian Beatrice Hadat Mia.

BNP Paripas OpenIndian Wells (USA)
WTA 1000, Heart Court, $ 8.584 million prize money
Friday, March 11

Singles Second Round:

Iga Świątek (Poland, 3) – Anhelina Kalinina (Ukraine) 5: 7, 6: 0, 6: 1

Program and results of the women’s competition

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