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BMW will capture Albina

BMW will capture Albina

It is true that the collaboration between BMW and the small series manufacturer Puslow near Munich has been going on for more than half a century, but now the German company has decided to buy the rights to the Albina brand. The small manufacturing company, which manufactures BMW-based hell fast cars, will not be part of the group until 2025, when the cooperation agreement between the two companies is finalized.

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Until then, the Bovensiepen family will be modifying and selling vehicles under the Alpina brand. Modified engines, transmissions and chassis, aerodynamic components and proprietary interior equipment will still be installed on the series models.

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Deepening the collaboration will not be a big challenge, as even today BMW Albina vehicles are pre-assembled on BMW production lines at the Buchlowe plant before final assembly.

It is also known that the plants of Alpina will not disappear due to the acquisition of the company. Older BMW Alpina models will be serviced in their hometown of Pueblo. It was also known that the Bowenziben family’s liquor business would continue there.

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History of albina production

Albina Burkert Bowenciben, German manufacturer of small series vehicles based in Buklow, was officially established on January 1, 1965. Alpina has been specializing in BMW tuning and motorsport since its inception. It has been the official car manufacturer in Bavaria since 1983. Currently, there are about 300 people working in this family business.

By 2021, despite the epidemic in the world, about 2,000 cars were produced in Buschlow. Vehicles. Apart from Germany and Europe, Alpina’s major markets are Japan, the United States and the Middle East. However, the Bowenziben family’s source of interest and income is not just cars – the second branch of the business is wine production.