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After severe drought – warns of “life-threatening” thunder |  News

After severe drought – warns of “life-threatening” thunder | News

Britain’s harsh summer weather has been replaced by torrential rain and thunderstorms across the country.

Heat, with temperatures reaching 40 degrees, has swept the country since the beginning of July and several warnings of high temperatures have been issued during the month. Many of these warnings have been replaced with warnings of thunderstorms on Monday. In Northern Ireland, SMHI assesses in the UK, Met . officethat thunderstorms are dangerous to life. 2Fabout-us%2Fpress-office%2Fnews%2 Weather & Climate%2F2022%2 Severe heat warnings ahead of thunderstorms

The Met Office wrote that the new thunderstorms represent a change in weather that will dominate the UK in the coming weeks; Hot and humid with a high risk of severe thunderstorms.

But although it is believed that the heat will continue, parts of the country will also experience heavy rainfall. Scotland has been in floods due to rain since the weekend.

Some places in the north may receive about 50 mm of rain over three hours, while other areas in the south may receive about 30 mm of rain in three hours. Frequent hail and thunder may be part of the storm and contribute to additional danger, Jason Kelly, the Bureau of Meteorology’s chief meteorologist, comments in a press release.

England has had its warmest July since 1935, and although the rain is long overdue, the Met Office fears it will lead to flooding in the southern parts of the country because the land is too dry to absorb large amounts of water.