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No to demanding more Trump documents

No to demanding more Trump documents

Several US media outlets, as well as Republican members of Congress, called for the announcement of the FBI search warrant against Trump.

The Department of Justice notes that the search itself has already been made public, as well as the list of items seized. But he thinks the FBI documents should be looked at as to why the research is necessary. The authority says it is about, among other things, protecting an ongoing criminal investigation dealing with national security.

During the raid on Trump’s Florida residence in Mar-a-Lago last week, the FBI took a number of boxes of material, eleven sets of documents of which were marked as containing highly sensitive information – intended only To be accessed by specific agencies.

The published research memo shows that the FBI is investigating potential violations of three federal laws, the most serious of which falls under the Espionage Act. The suspicions are not related to direct espionage, but to the collection, publication, or loss of classified material.

Trump claims that the crackdown is politically motivated, and that the documents are not actually classified. As president, he reportedly had a standing order to declassify the documents the moment they were brought from the White House to Mar-a-Lago.

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