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The Covid virus is spreading like wildfire in the Marshall Islands

The Marshall Islands has declared a “state of health disaster” after more than a tenth of the population of the capital, Majuro, contracted omicron covid in just one week.

In the past week, the island nation detected quite a few cases. Since then, the numbers have risen to about 2,800 cases in Majuro, which has a population of 22,500. In total, about 3,000 cases of infection and three deaths have been confirmed.

The Marshall Islands was one of the last countries that, due to strict quarantine rules, was able to deal with it without any case of infection. The relaxation of rules in recent weeks as well as the large number of people traveling to the island country is believed to have been behind the outbreak.

Domestic flights and government ship travel to remote islands have now been suspended to stem the spread of the disease, but Health Minister Jacques Niedenthal warned that the situation could worsen.

The good thing about all the other countries that are ahead of us is that we really understand epidemiologically how this type of virus spreads; He says, according to Agence France-Presse.

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