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The arrival of the first Ukrainian grain ship to Syria

The Lebanese buyer of 26 thousand tons of Ukrainian grain in Razoni refused to accept the shipment. The Tell Embassy of Ukraine in Lebanon a week after the ship left Ukraine on August 1.

Since then, the Sierra Leone-flagged cargo ship has been extensively tracked. The shipment is the first since Russia and Ukraine agreed an agreement to export grain and fertilizer.

After leaving Lebanon, the ship targeted a return trip to the port city of Mersin on Turkey’s southern Mediterranean coast. Once 1,500 tons of cargo had been offloaded in Turkey, the ship appeared to be on its way to its next declared destination, Egypt, by the middle of last week. But northwest of Cyprus, Razzoni has stopped sending his location signal. This was early on Friday.

Razouni appeared, on Monday, in the Syrian port of Tartus, according to satellite images reported by the British Business newspaper. financial times arrive to. Near the port, Russia has its only naval base in the Mediterranean.

According to satellite images accessible to Britain's Financial Times, Razzoni must have called in the Syrian port of Tartus.

According to satellite images accessible to Britain’s Financial Times, Razzoni must have called in the Syrian port of Tartus.

Foto: Planet Labs PBC

It is not clear if the cargo will be offloaded in Syria, but Ukraine – which cut diplomatic ties with Syria in June after Damascus recognized Ukraine’s Luhansk and Donetsk regions as independent – does not appear to have any objections.

– We are not responsible for ship and goods after leaving Ukraine. The Ukrainian embassy in Lebanon said that we have no information about the location or destination of the ship Reuters.

Ukraine has previously accused Syria To import at least 150,000 tons of “looted” grain from Ukrainian warehouses after the Russian invasion. Lebanese authorities temporarily detained a ship in early August. However, the official Syrian news agency “SANA” reported last week that “the Syrian ship Laodicea is preparing to unload its cargo of flour and grain in the port of Tartus.”

Since the beginning of August, several ships have left Ukraine, one of the world’s largest exporters of wheat, corn and sunflower oil.

On Tuesday, a chartered vessel left the United Nations Loaded with 23,000 tons of Ukrainian wheat bound for Africa. The wheat purchased by the World Food Program will be unloaded in Djibouti and then sent to drought-stricken Ethiopia, he said. FN. This is the first humanitarian food aid to leave Ukraine for Africa.

30 ships have applied to come to Ukraine in the next two weeks to export grain Reuters Tuesday. To date, nearly 600,000 tons of grain have been shipped from Ukraine since the agreement was concluded.

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