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After the fires – strong thunder and hail rain awaits you

After the fires – strong thunder and hail rain awaits you

Several days in a row in July, the temperature reached over 30 degrees in England and Wales, and it was 34.9 degrees on a Sunday in Charleswood in Surrey, according to reports. Watchman. July has been the driest month since 1935 in England, and in parts of southeast England it has been the driest month since records began.

According to the EDC, the European Drought Observatory, 47 percent of the EU region is in drought-like conditions and 15 percent suffers from severe water shortages.

Fires have been burning in Europe over the summer, and data from the European Forest Fire Information System, EFFIS, shows that the previous record of how large areas are burned from 2017 has been broken. 659,541 hectares of land burned in Europe, compared to 420,913 hectares during the same period in 2017.

– The situation of drought and extremely high temperatures has affected all of Europe this year and the general situation in the region is worrying, we are still in the middle of the fire season, Jesus San Miguel, coordinator at EFFIS tells The Guardian.

Flood risk

At the same time, hail and rainy weather are expected in the coming days in both the UK and France. The British Met Office warns of thunderstorms and heavy rain, with a risk of flooding.

The French weather institute Météo France issued orange alerts on Tuesday for five provinces in the country, it wrote. Parisian. Thunderstorms, rain and hail are expected.