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SVT journalist Lennart Weinblad dies

SVT journalist Lennart Weinblad dies

Lennart Weinblad, among others, was a foreign correspondent based in London, Washington, Paris, Jerusalem, Nairobi and Johannesburg. In addition, Aktuellt hosted from SVT and was a foreign director on the channel. Weinblad received the Great Journalist Award for his depiction of repression in South Africa in 1985.

Lennart Weinblad of SVT met Nelson Mandela in Soweto a few days after he was released after 27 years in prison.

The widow, who is also a longtime SVT journalist, describes her late husband Eon Weinpland as a TV pioneer.

Lennart was happy to be a journalist at a time when there was so much hope. A time when positive things happened, for example, South Africa. He was a great humanitarian and described it with great empathy, she said.

With Lennart, one of the last people involved in starting the news business on Swedish television has disappeared.

Stig Fredrikson, a former SVT fellow and Moscow correspondent, remembers Winblad as a skilled foreign policy commentator.

I remember first of all Lennart as a foreign commentator at Actuelt, who during and after the apartheid regime in South Africa made a remarkable effort, he says.

Lennart Weinblad as host
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