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Peter Lundgren leaves SD – becomes politically wild in the EU

Peter Lundgren leaves SD – becomes politically wild in the EU

Lundgren was convicted in November by the Gota Court of Appeal for sexual harassment of a party colleague in 2018. He continued to assert his innocence, but the Supreme Court did not grant him leave to appeal.

After a conversation with Lundgren has now informed SD that he is leaving the party. The ruling makes it “impossible for him to represent the Swedish Democrats,” SD Press Secretary Christian Krapedal wrote in a comment to TT.

Lundgren himself says that the dismissal of the Swedish Democratic Party is based on the fact that he does not want to influence the party through his membership.

“I will now appeal to the European Court of Justice and seek redress in this way. It is my firm opinion that I am innocent. I will continue as a non-member of the party for the remainder of the office,” Lundgren writes to TT.

Spring 2019 charged Lundgren for taking a female prom on the breast the year before. According to the indictment, he pulled the woman on his lap, put his hands under her bra and said, “If you kiss me, I’ll set you free.”

The district court of Jönköping acquitted Lundgren, but the appeals court sentenced her to a 60-day fine for sexual harassment.

“Through the joint investigation, there can be no reasonable doubt that the MEP brought the plaintiffs into custody at that time and that this was done against her will,” he wrote. Court of Appeal ruling.