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Again, a number of websites and services are offline due to AWS failing

Again, a number of websites and services are offline due to AWS failing

Amazon struggled again this afternoon with a partial failure of its web services, which did not last as long as before, but once again caused temporary failures in a large number of websites, games and online offerings.

after information from amazon The first signs appeared about two hours ago that Internet connections were failing at two data centers on the US West Coast. As a result, service offerings such as Twitch, which is also part of Amazon, Sony PlayStation Network (PSN), Electronic Arts and many other providers, have failed.

The operators immediately reported the failure to their users after numerous reactions, with problems with Amazon Web Services being named as the cause, as was often the case. The Amazon cloud platform is used by many third party companies to make their services widely available in a highly scalable form.

Unreachable data centers in Northwest America

Amazon was apparently able to resolve internet failures in its two data centers in Northern California and Oregon relatively quickly. After confirming that there were problems around 4pm, after about a quarter of an hour, it was already possible to tell that the cause had been found and a solution was being worked on.

About half an hour later, AWS’s Amazon status page reported that problems in the two data center regions named US-West-1 and US-West-2 had been resolved and services were operating normally again. The website has also received various reports of failures from Germany.

Since the use of large cloud platforms by many providers leads to a high level of availability, but also to the centralization of the server infrastructure on the web, the failure of providers such as Microsoft Cloud or AWS almost always has far-reaching consequences.

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