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Albie the albino kangaroo was caught in Denmark

Peter Wittrock, owner of Alby says:
“It’s really ugly,” says Albi’s owner Peter Wittrock.

The baby albino kangaroo has been on the run for 48 days.

But on Thursday, Freedom came to an abrupt end.

– says owner Peter Wittrock, we made American football with him.

For 48 days, a young albino kangaroo has been running around outside Nästved, New Zealand in Denmark.

– I was very afraid on his behalf – as well as for others, because if he jumps in front of a car or a motorcycle, terrible things can happen, says Peter Wittrock who owns Albi in Danish TV 2.

Albie is now back on the farm after 48 days on the run.
Albie is now back on the farm after 48 days on the run.

Peter found out that Albie had run away when he saw how people were sharing his pictures on Facebook. There are not many small white kangaroos in Denmark, so it wasn’t hard to understand what happened.

– He’s completely white because he’s 100 percent albino, and he has completely red eyes, just like a rabbit. This is what it looks like. It’s really ugly.


After that, Albi was watched several times and became a serial in the Danish media.

But it was hard to catch the little rushing crab. It is fast and, according to Peter Wittrock, can “shoot 30 kilometers per hour and turn the corners”.

is found

But last Thursday he received the long-awaited call. Albie – a red-necked wallaby – was found by a woman near Peter Wittrock’s home. After a dramatic struggle, he was able to return to the 2.4 hectare area where he usually lives.

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– We put him in a corner, and when he tried to run towards us, we tackled him with an American football and put him in the penalty area and home.