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Alexandra Shalimonyuk, Director of Communications at OTCF

Alexandra Shalimonyuk, Director of Communications at OTCF

Shalimonyuk as Public Relations Manager will lead the department responsible for building the company’s image and branding. She has been responsible for corporate communication for OTCF and company-owned brands, including 4F, 4F Fuel, as well as for liaison with 4F Pomaga Foundation activities and ongoing projects.. Its primary tasks will include foreign communications in Poland and the main foreign markets, as the company continues its dynamic expansion.

Collaborating with OTCF is a huge challenge for me, both professionally and privately. I know what is important to me, what I am looking for and who I am on the way. At OTCF, I joined a team of ambitious and professional enthusiasts who love sports just as much as I do. The projects that we are already implementing and those that are still planned are very exciting for me – Shalimonyuk commented on his new role.

Alexandra Shalimonyuk has nearly 20 years of professional experience behind her. She has spent the past years implementing telecom projects for international companies from various sectors. Prior to joining the OTCF, she was, among others, a Board Counsel job for liaison with Comfort Stores, Previously, Alexandra Shalimonyuk worked for 10 years as a journalist at TVN, creating thematic series: “It’s a miracle that she is alive” and “Retired athletes” on Dzień Dobry TVN, and also participated in the creation of the program “Dzień po dni on TVN 24”. She also reported for the programs “Czarno na biały”, “Poland and the World” and “Prosto z Polski”.

During the pandemic, she created the series “Improving the Crown – A New Reality in Practice”, which Sekielski Brohters Studio collaborates with, during interviews posted on YouTube and podcasts, speaking with invited guests About dealing with crises, overcoming difficulties and well-being, and about daily life, work and health care in the age of longevity, as well as the role of modern technologies in this aspect.

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