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Czy nasz Wszechświat powstał w laboratorium kosmitów?

Alien Laboratory. The universe was created there

Abraham ‘Avi’ Lope – the famous theoretical physicist from Harvard – argues that our universe was created in an alien laboratory. How is this possible?

Scientists have long been confused about the origin of the universe. The most popular theory is that there was a huge explosion 14 billion years ago, i.e. a sudden space expansion. Another theory that existed a few days ago is that the universe never really existed because it has always been.

Another idea is that Abraham ‘Avi’ Lope is a theoretical physicist from Harvard who works in astronomy and cosmology. According to him, our universe may be an artificial creation.

Was the universe created in a laboratory?

Avi Lope put forward an interesting theory about the origin of the universe. According to him, it may have been developed in a laboratory by an advanced civilization. According to the scientist, this is possible using the quantum tunneling phenomenon.

The scientist argues that such an approach would link our religious beliefs, that is, the beliefs of certain higher powers, with scientific evidence. At the same time, humanity is a Class C civilization that is completely dependent on its star.

If we become independent of the sun, we will become a B-class civilization. The highest category is A class civilization, which can create its own universe, e.g. Ours, or at least according to Lope’s theory.

Avi Lope has many interesting but controversial hypotheses. According to him, the asteroid Omuvamua, which passed through our solar system in 2017, is a remnant of an alien civilization, especially a spacecraft.

Such an assumption is due to its speed, which does not agree with the calculations of scientists (others argue that the behavior of the asteroid can be explained by physical phenomena).

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Lope argues that we are not unique on the scale of the universe and that other civilizations have certainly arisen. Therefore, we need to make contact with them as soon as possible and establish good diplomatic relations because sufficiently advanced civilization will lead to our conclusion, e.g. By failed test.

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