Allegro reported the development of the image search functionality. Thanks to that, by taking a picture of an item, the Polish e-commerce giant’s app will try to find similar things among the offers on the platform. The search engine also recognizes screenshots or images in magazines, for example.

Find images on Allegro

The visual search engine analyzes the item in the image and searches for similar products on Allegro. The function is based on a machine learning algorithm. It currently serves over 100 million listings in categories of fashion (including footwear and sportswear), health, beauty, groceries, media, books, comics, toys and music, toys, and much of the home and garden category.

Built-in image search In the Allegro app for Android and iOS. We can easily identify a song heard on the radio or a plant that grows in our area. Why should it be different with a dress or groceries we saw on the street or in a store? The idea to search by photo came from a situation we are all used to being in – who hasn’t tried for hours to find a nice T-shirt or pair of shoes they had previously seen somewhere on the street? – says Wojciech Bogdan, Chief Data Officer at Allegro.

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As Wojciech Bogdan points out, it is hidden under the simplicity of use advanced system. The visual search engine required an entirely new search architecture and machine learning technology.

Source: press release

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