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Amazon Music Unlimited: Six months free with purchase of Echo

Amazon Music Unlimited: Six months free with purchase of Echo

More than 60 million songs in HD quality are waiting for your ears. If you have a subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited, you have to pay about ten euros per month or 9 euros with a Prime subscription. If you haven’t had it before, you can now save a lot.

For Amazon Music Unlimited, you usually pay €9.99 per month. With a Prime subscription, you can reduce these costs and pay €8.99 per month. But if you’ve never used the service – including the free period – there are now two good ways to check out the service and pay little or nothing.

Try Amazon Music Unlimited for free

Only until the end of Prime Day: Use Amazon Music Unlimited for three or four months for free

from himself Until July 13th at 11:59 PM For registrations, he gets a free trial period of three or four months instead of the usual monthly trial period. Unlike the game rules that otherwise apply on Prime Day, you don’t have to sign up for Prime for three months. Only then, if you do not cancel the subscription after the test, will you pay 1 euro more than Prime subscribers without a Prime subscription, that is, 9.99 euros per month. Prime customers currently get a free four-month trial.

Test Music Unlimited for 30 days for free

With Amazon Prime, you can not only stream unlimited movies and series. In the video, we show you how to get everything from your Prime subscription:

Amazon Prime: Top 9 Features at a Glance

Try Amazon Music Unlimited for six months free with an Echo purchase

People who already have an unlimited subscription or have an unlimited subscription, even for free, are also excluded from this offer. Everyone else can now think of choosing one Buy an Echo Dot and get Amazon Music Unlimited free for six months To be able that’s about 60 or 54 euros, which you can save and you can try the whole range without obligation. This offer is also available Only until July 13 And you can definitely find a discounted Echo Dot on Prime Day as well. And then you can listen to The Boys playlist out loud and without regret to calm you down at the end of Season 3.

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You really can’t go wrong with a free trial. With over 60 million tracks out there, you’re sure to find something you’ve always wanted to hear. Almost all new releases and all albums are included with subscription for many artists. The app includes many personal features and the algorithm that suggests music for you is not bad at all. Apart from that, you will also find statistics about your playing behavior and your preferences in your music library. If you don’t know what to listen to yourself, there are also a number of radio stations and mixes available for you. Also some podcasts and radio plays.

Try Amazon Music Unlimited for free with Echo Dot

HD quality requirements

  • Your WLAN needs a data transfer rate of at least 1.5 Mbit/s or higher (eg LTE)
  • The device you are using for transmission must support 16bit/44.1kHz or higher
  • Your speakers or headphones should support 16bit/44.1kHz or higher, which is the case for most wired speakers and headphones.

If you google your device’s model number, you can quickly tell if it meets the requirements for HD quality transmission. It can also be, for example, an echo point. Otherwise, the thing works great synonymously in SD quality.

You can also get free deals on an Audible subscription and a Kindle Unlimited subscription. You can find out more about the offers on Prime Day 2022 here:

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