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American Airlines canceled more than 1,600 flights over the weekend

American Airlines canceled more than 1,600 flights over the weekend

Texas weather and staff shortages forced the company to cancel weekend flights and carry passengers

Dallas, Texas. – Because Bad weather in Texas Until now Shortage of flight attendants Airlines American Airlines More than 1,600 flights canceled this weekend.

specialized website, FlightAware, reported that by Sunday noon, the airline had canceled more than 800 flights, representing 30% of its total daily flights, after it canceled another 900 flights between Friday and Saturday.

Winds in Fort Worth

Late last week, American Airlines had to cancel flights due to high winds at its main port in Dallas/Fort Worth. This situation complicated the assignment of the following flight crews, and this effect had an impact on air traffic on Saturdays and Sundays.

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For his part, David Seymour, the airline’s chief operating officer, stated, through a statement addressed to the company’s employees, that “to ensure that our customers are taken care of and to be able to provide appropriate schedules for our crews, we have adjusted our operations in recent days by proactively canceling some flights.”

He added that the company was able to transport most of the passengers on other flights on the same day.

A US spokeswoman said the airline expects the situation to improve significantly on Monday, although it acknowledged there could be “some residual effects” of the delays. By Sunday afternoon, American had canceled nearly 50 flights on Monday, according to FlightAware.

Southwest Airlines status

At the beginning of October, Southwest Airlines faced similar problems, canceling more than 2,000 flights, after suffering disruptions due to bad weather in Florida and a shortage of manpower.

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Crisis due to the epidemic

Airlines have been banned from firing staff during the pandemic as a condition of receiving official financial assistance. The United States temporarily laid off 19,000 employees last year when the financial assistance ended, but it backed off once assistance resumed. However, that did not stop the airlines from persuading thousands of employees to resign in exchange for financial incentives. US, Southwest and other airlines are currently hiring to replace those they lost in 2020.

However, the situation raises doubts about whether airlines are in a position to support the usual high demand in the upcoming holiday season.