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American journalist murdered in Ukraine

Renault was shot dead while sitting in a car in the Ukrainian city of Irbin, north of the capital, Kyiv, on Sunday, police said. Another American journalist is said to have been hit by a bullet at the same time and is now in hospital care due to his injuries.

Jake Sullivan, an advisor to US President Joe Biden, described the incident as “shocking.” He tells US broadcaster CBS that they will follow developments closely and “act accordingly.”

Ukrainian police He shared photos, among other things, of Reno’s passport and press ID from the New York Times, where he last worked in 2015. Reno was in Ukraine on behalf of the American news magazine Time, Who published a statement on Sunday evening He has been working in the region in recent weeks on a project related to the global refugee crisis. Reno previously worked for several US media companies, including Vice, NBC, and HBO.

Renault is the first foreign journalist to be murdered in Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion. On March 1, a Ukrainian journalist was killed in an attack on a television tower in Kyiv.

Brent Reno and his brother have produced documentaries about many humanitarian disasters. Among other things, he wrote from Haiti after the devastating earthquake in 2010. He also documented the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In 2015, he received a Peabody Award for the documentary “Last Chance High”, in which he depicted the lives of a group of schoolchildren in Chicago.

Brent Reno is 50 years old.