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New deadly attack against Kyiv

New deadly attack against Kyiv

A 16-storey apartment building in the Svyatosinsky district in the western part of the Ukrainian capital caught fire after the attack. Two bodies were found in the landslides, local authorities wrote on Facebook. A number of wounded were also reported.

Svyatoshinsky is located near Irbin, a suburb where fierce fighting broke out.

The fire also hit a large residential complex in the Podilskyi district.

“A fire broke out in the lower five floors of the ten-storey building on Mostetska Street,” the authorities wrote, according to news agencies.

Also in nearby Irpen and Hostomel and Butja, Russia attacks mercilessly, warns Kyiv region leader Oleksij Kuleba.

Many streets have been turned into a maze of steel and concrete. Kuleba says on TV that people are hiding in basements and don’t even dare to go out to evacuate.

A new round of talks between Russia and Ukraine was held on Monday. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that talks will continue today.

– It could be a diplomatic solution, but I don’t think it will happen yet. As for Russia, it will want to see if it can increase pressure on the Ukrainians and come up with a military solution, says Charles Miller, a PhD in political science and expert on military conflicts, active at the Australian National University.

I believe that the conditions for negotiating peace only exist when the Russians come to the conclusion that they cannot win on the battlefield.

In a video message posted to Telegram early Tuesday, Zelensky spoke directly to Russian soldiers in Russian.

– Russian recruits! Listen to me carefully. Russian officers! The boss says: I already understood everything According to CNN.

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On behalf of the Ukrainian people, I give you a chance to survive. If you yield to our power, we will treat you as people ought to be treated — with dignity, he continues.