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Americans easily win gold in beach volleyball

A five-point series that began with an aces gave the Americans a 7-2 lead early in the game. They will never have to worry in the first round, as they find an answer to all the attacks of the Australians. A mistake made by Mariafe Artacho del Solar on duty would result in the first round being handed over to the United States.

Every point for Australians is hard earned. They scored two on appeal after a long exchange. However, the Americans scored 10 points in a row to give themselves a serious option to win the gold medal.

In return, both teams requested a time-out. For the first time in the match, the Australians were able to set their own pace and target holes in the US defense.

They reduced the difference to three points, but as was the case in the first set, Artacho del Solar’s miss ended the game, which lasted only 44 minutes.

This is April Ross’ third consecutive Olympic medal, but the first for gold. She took silver in London in 2012 alongside Jennifer Casey, then bronze at the 2016 Rio Olympics. She was then paired with Keri Lee Walsh Jennings.

The American duo flew over the Olympic championship from start to finish. He only missed one round in seven matches played in the Japanese capital, losing the round 22-20 to Dutchman Saint Keizer and Madeline Mblink in the preliminary round.

The Australians get the silver medal. They surprised Canadians Sarah Pavan and Melissa Humana Paredes in the quarter-finals.

For the first time in Switzerland

Earlier, Anouk Verge Debre and Joanna Heydrich defeated Tina Graudina and Anastasia Kravsinuka of Latvia to win the bronze medal.

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The representatives of Switzerland won this duel in two sets, 21-19 and 21-15.

The duo followed closely in scoring throughout their first engagement. After watching her opponents score two points, Joanna Heydrich succeeded in her attack to finish the first set.

Although the Latvians fought well, the Swiss remained dominant in the second group. They maintained their six-point lead all the way to the finish to earn their country their first-ever Olympic medal in women’s beach volleyball.

“We are very proud to realize that,” said Anouk-Verger Debre. Many years of work are behind this result. The whole team is at home and here. People who believe in us. It really is a dream come true.