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An angry Donald Trump has begun his election campaign

An angry Donald Trump has begun his election campaign

Trump spoke at the Republican Convention’s annual and state convention in Salem, New Hampshire, on Saturday afternoon. In doing so, he also launched an election campaign that will run until November 2024 – if Trump does not surrender or be suspended before then.

His tone of speech was well known:

– I’m angrier now and I’m more committed now than ever before, Trump said, announcing the campaign is open.

– We have started.

After the election speech in Salem, the next target was the city of Columbia in South Carolina. There, Trump was expected to offer leadership of his campaign staff.

The starting field is unknown

Several prominent figures within Republicans are expected to campaign to challenge incumbent President Joe Biden in the upcoming election. Among them, according to the American news agency AP, are former Vice President Mike Pence, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley, who was previously, among others, the governor of South Carolina.

But the 76-year-old Trump wants to have an advantage in the political arena, despite the many controversies and direct accusations related to his person and his previous presidency.

Surprisingly early

Trump was the first to announce his candidacy and on Saturday is expected to become the first politician to speak in two of the states that often set the tone for the US election campaign. The first primary has traditionally been held in New Hampshire, and the nomination process in South Carolina follows immediately afterwards.

The nomination process does not begin until early next spring.

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Many observers were surprised by Trump’s early start, as it also meant his campaign cash chest was already starting to empty.

Members of the Proud Boys wait for former President Donald Trump in Salem, New Hampshire. Photo: Reba Saldanha/AP/TT