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The Reichsburger man had children in his wine cellar in Austria

The Reichsburger man had children in his wine cellar in Austria

The inhabitants of the small village of Oberitz in northern Austria are becoming more and more disturbed by an unknown 54-year-old man who, by all accounts, has taken up residence in a wine cellar in town.

– Above all, the security cameras outside the wine cellar were disturbing. In addition, residents heard children’s voices from downstairs, but as soon as they approached, they fell silent, Deputy Mayor Eric Grill told the Austrian Public Service, ORF.

So the municipality decided on Thursday, with the help of the authorities in nearby Hollabrunn, to look into what was going on. When the two authorities got downstairs, they heard the children’s voices very well. When they asked to see the children, the man disappeared into the cellar.

“Shortly later he came back and attacked the staff with pepper spray,” says Eric Grill Delivery man.

He flew through the vineyard

According to Grill, the two officials were breathing hard and fled, almost blinded by the pepper spray, through the vineyard.

– said the man who ran after them.

The 54-year-old then barricaded himself in the wine cellar.

When the authorities were finally able to open and search the vault, they found the 54-year-old man, his 40-year-old wife — and six children, ages seven months to five years.

According to Hollabrunn’s District Administrator, Karl Josef Weiss, the children were neither reserved nor neglected. However, the authorities found several firearms in the wine cellar. The 54-year-old was arrested on Thursday but has since been released as there was no risk to the children’s welfare.

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The man has proven himself to be a well-known figure in far-right circles and has written several books denying the Holocaust, he wrote. Sky News.

Check out who the kids are

The identity of the children is not clear. None of them were registered in Austria, and according to the 54-year-old and his wife, they were all born in England. The proportions will be investigated.

After the intervention, the children were taken to the hospital and examined there with the mother present. Now the surroundings of the children are being investigated and it will be decided whether or not they can return to the putative parents.

Investigations so far indicate that the man comes from a “system-critical” environment on the right, police spokesman Stefan Lloedl told ORF. The man is said to have moved into Reichsburger circles, the same milieu as the arrested coup plotters in Germany, as It was reported in December, from. It will also belong in the prep scene.

According to Erich Grill, the man must have purchased at least four old cellars in the village. According to the police, the camera surveillance is one Signboard For the setup scene, whose members remotely purchase underground spaces and wire them underground for long-term survival in case of an emergency.

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