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An armed ex-soldier is shot in Dorgone, France

An armed ex-soldier is shot in Dorgone, France

On Monday evening, police rushed to an address in the French village of Lardin-Saint-Lazare in the Dordogne region, after a beating alert. A 29-year-old man who previously served as a soldier abused his ex-wife and her new partner.

The 29-year-old was armed with a rifle and shot the police who arrived at the scene, after which he fled to the forest area.

The escape prompted the police to launch an intense operation with approximately 300 elite soldiers, search dogs, seven off-road vehicles and seven helicopters. The forest was only about four square kilometers in size, but the police wanted to arrest the suspect.

– The goal is to take him alive. Dordogne Governor Frederic Pereissat said during the night, if we had wanted to neutralize him, we would have already.

This event caused a huge media fanfare in France. Below is an interview with Frederic Pereissat, the governor of the Dordogne region.

Photo: Diarmid Courreges / TT

The man has it before On four occasions they were convicted of assault at home. The police described the man as an “athlete” and justified the tremendous effort by saying that he should have known the terrain well and thus had a good chance of remaining in hiding.

The operation was going on all night and Monday morning. People who live near the forest area have been urged to stay home while hunting.

At about 1 pm, the man was shot by police after he tried to break through the checkpoints by shooting the police again. Reports are not republican.

He must have had severe injuries.

– Francine Bora, the mayor of the municipality in question, says it is very comforting that he has been arrested, and now life can soon return to normal.

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