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Fire in South African Parliament – DN.SE

According to the newspaper South Africa The rescue service has been on site since 4 a.m. Swedish time and has pulled out with units from several different stations.

– Even the asphalt on the roof is melting, which is an indication of the intense heat. A spokesman for the rescue service, Jermain Karls, told the newspaper in the morning that there were reports of cracks forming in some of the walls, which could indicate a collapse.

South Africa Parliament is divided into three buildings, two of which belong to the “Majlis of the Nation”, where members work, and the third is the “Old Majlis”, a late 19th-century building that contains the Library of Parliament with many valuable historical collections.

According to MP and Infrastructure Minister Patricia De Lille, who immediately informed the media on Sunday, the fire broke out in the old assembly but also spread to the National Assembly which is still burning.

– We were not able to contain the fire in the National Assembly. Parts of the roof have collapsed, it says 11:00 According to News24.

Cause of the fire It is still not clear. Patricia de Lille stated that they are checking material from nearby surveillance cameras.

“As long as there is no news of the fire, I would like to appeal to those on social media to be careful about calling it an attack,” National Assembly President Nosifiwe Mabeza-Nakula told reporters immediately.

Parliament is a national focal point, and if it was a deliberate act, it would be similar to burning the country’s constitution, she said.

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The rescue service was alerted early Sunday morning.

Photo: Jerome Delay / AP

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The fire brigade worked in several places around Parliament House.

Photo: Rodger Bosch/AFP

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Parts of the roof of Parliament collapsed during Sunday’s fire.

Photo: Jerome Delay / AP

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fire started Just hours after the South African icon was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize Burial of Desmond Tutu In St. George’s Cathedral, which is only a few hundred meters from Parliament House.

South Africa has three capitals. Cape Town, where the country’s parliament is located, is the legislative parliament, while Pretoria and Bloemfontein are the administrative and legal capitals, respectively.