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FHI: High risk of unvaccinated infection

– It’s urgent. We are expecting a big wave of infections after the new year, and the risk of infection is likely to be greater than ever, Camilla Stoltenberg says, urging those who have so far refused to reconsider.

When so many are infected in a short time, the risk of serious illness is greater than before for those who have not been vaccinated. But vaccines will protect individuals well from serious diseases.

According to the World Health Organization’s latest weekly report, just over 320,000 Norwegian 16-year-olds have not received their first dose of the vaccine.

The omicron variant has led to a large wave of injuries and hospitalizations in many European countries, and in Norway municipalities and hospitals in Norway are preparing for a wave to arrive in the country in January.

We may have a short period of time before the infection increases rapidly. We should use this to vaccinate as many people as possible with the first, second or third vaccine dose, says Camilla Stoltenberg.

314 coronavirus patients were hospitalized in Norway on Sunday, an increase of 19 from the day before.

– The vaccination rate in the next few weeks will be critical to the recommendations of the National Institute of Public Health, if we need to take stricter measures or are able to ease them.

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