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An unusual find on Google Maps.  The picture shows...a stealth launcher

An unusual find on Google Maps. The picture shows…a stealth launcher

Interesting fact in Google Maps. A Reddit user found out on Google Maps that you can see the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber at some point. Of course, the image is a bit blurry, as is the detonator itself, plus there are many visible artifacts around. It is of course Satellite image result.

This is the first time it has been captured On Google Maps satellite imagery Some stealth bombers. Before that, of course, there were planes, but most of them were passenger planes. The case is also interesting because, as a rule, aircraft move very quickly relative to satellites, so it is not easy to “catch” them into the lens.

Photo: Reddit

Google Maps is indeed a huge conglomerate – recently, as part of an amusing curiosity, clowns from Poland reported to Google The street’s name was changed to “Imperator Kaczafiego”, and management agreed to this disclosure without verification. Finally, the application will also get another novelty – the ability to avoid the most crowded places and buildings.

At the same time, we invite you to listen to the latest episode of the podcast from a technical point of view. This time, we talked to the guests about photovoltaic cells and the pioneering invention of the electrode – poles that generate electricity.

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