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Anders Viklov was fined €121,000 for speeding – the driver’s license was confiscated by the police

During the Saturday evening, the Chamber of Commerce was fined Anders Viclov Exciting when he was caught speeding on Järsövägen in Mariehamn.

According to a police report in the evening, he was fined for endangering road safety when he traveled 82 kilometers per hour where the speed limit is 50 kilometers per hour.

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Wiklöf explains to HBL that he’s had Swedish artists visit on Harley Davidson motorcycles. He was Robert Wells And nineteen others, he says.

– We were outside looking at Oland. When I got back into town, an hour after they arrived, I suddenly turned 50 and slowed down, the brakes not to freak out. But then the blue lights came after me, Anders Wikloff says.

The speed limit which was 70 had changed to 50 kilometers when he met the police checkpoint.

This is not the first time Anders Wiklöf has been arrested for speeding. This time it resulted in a fine of €121,000 and a driver’s license suspension for ten days.

– If they had stopped me a little earlier, it would have been half as much, says Wickloff.

are you sweating

– Yes… I don’t think a reporter at Hufvudstadsbladet earns €121,000 a month?

– just kidding. But I think maybe there should be a maximum fine.

Although Wiklöf is a little upset about the money, he says he hopes the money will go to healthcare and hospice. Then he was satisfied.

– I heard that the new government plans to save a billion and a half on health care in Finland, says Wickloff.

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The article has been updated with comments from Anders Wiklöf.