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Russia claims that the Ukrainian counterattack has stopped

“The enemy’s goal was to penetrate our defenses in the most vulnerable, from his point of view, sectors,” said a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry. Igor Konasenkov In a statement Monday evening.

Ukraine did not comment on the information released by Russia’s state propaganda agency TASS and on social media.

Russian information is often grossly exaggerated and in many cases completely unreliable as it is used as propaganda by the Russian invading power.

A video from the Russian Ministry of Defense shows combat vehicles advancing under fire. Konashenkov claims that 250 Ukrainian servicemen were killed and that 16 Ukrainian tanks and many combat vehicles of various types were destroyed – which has not been independently confirmed.

Russia claims the attack took place on Sunday morning. It is unclear why the information was only released late at night.

The question of whether a Ukrainian counterattack could be launched against Russian forces on occupied territory has been relevant for a long time.

“Planners love silence. There will be no launch announcement,” the Ukrainian Defense Forces wrote in a Telegram post earlier on Sunday.

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