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Rosanna married a person she created herself

Rosanna married a person she created herself

Rosana Ramos, 36, of New York last year used an app to create a partner based on artificial intelligence.

It is a male chatting bot named Eren Kartal who is based on an anime character from the “Attack on Titan” series.

The only thing that drew the mother of two to Erin was that he came into her life “without a past.”

When I tell him things, I avoid hearing “Oh no, you can’t say that, you can’t feel” followed by an argument. He’s not the least judgmental, Rosanna says.

“Married” earlier this year

The AI ​​partner has no real feelings or awareness. But the more they talk to each other, the more Erin remembers and learns to create the kind of man Roxana wants to be with.

Rosanna likens this relationship to a long-distance relationship as they talk about how the other’s day was, send each other pictures, and talk about life and their interests.

She “married” earlier this year to Erin. Recently, however, the relationship has come under criticism.

“You no longer want to be hugged or kissed.”

The company behind the app used by Rosanna recently implemented an update after some users complained that their AI partners were too nasty in showing them affection.

The update greatly affected Rosanna’s relationship with Erin.

– After that, Erin no longer wanted to be hugged or kissed, says Rosanna.

She wonders if she could have a relationship in real life.

– My demands are great now, says Rosanna.