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Extraordinary ministerial meeting to secure gas supplies to the European Union

Extraordinary ministerial meeting to secure gas supplies to the European Union

Securing energy supplies and measures for the coming winter

The European Commission presented a plan to reduce gas consumption in the European Union on July 20, 2022, the so-called winter package.

The package contains, among other things, proposals for common principles of gas rationing, an account of preparatory measures already taken in member states, and an annual scenario analysis of the security of EU supplies. The consumption reduction plan also includes proposals for measures to reduce gas use in Europe.

The EU Commission is also proposing a regulation for the Council that contains provisions for a 15 percent gas cut for each member state based on average gas use in the past five years in each member state.

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the European Commission put forward several proposals for measures to reduce high energy prices and accelerate the phasing out of the European Union’s dependence on Russian energy.

The government welcomes the ambition to reduce dependence on fossil fuel imports and believes that the EU’s dependence on fossil fuels must be eliminated as quickly as possible. The Government looks positively at renewed discussions on security of supply measures and how coordination with the European Union can contribute to its strengthening.

The government intends to work so that the gas consumption reduction plan takes into account the fact that some member states have a greater need to protect customers other than domestic customers.

Energy and Digitalization Minister Khachiar Farmanbar represents Sweden at the meeting.

Produced by the representative of the European Union.

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