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Severe weather heading towards China and Japan

In Shanghai, schools and markets were closed on Saturday and some roads were closed. Flights were canceled on Sunday, with most trains and residents squatting as the storm approached.

We will do everything in our power to ensure that people’s lives and property are safe and everything is to minimize losses. Yuan Jiajun, head of the Zhejiang Provincial Communist Party, said that our goal is that no one should die and that injuries and financial losses are minimized as much as possible.

63 dead

State media reported that the typhoon reached the east coast of China on Sunday noon, with winds of about 38 seconds.

At least 63 people have died after storms and floods in China in recent weeks and more than a million people have been evacuated.

Olympic sports get into trouble

Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Nepartak is heading over Japan. Something that might affect more Olympic disciplines. Especially outside branches that may need to be canceled due to heavy rain and storm surge.

Rowing competitions that would have taken place on Monday have been moved to Sunday and organizers are monitoring weather reports.

The tropical storm is expected to make landfall late Monday or Tuesday local time.

Severe weather is another meteorological obstacle to an Olympic game that was already challenging for many competitors. The humidity in Tokyo was high, and on some days temperatures reached 33 degrees.

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