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Putin: Ready for an “inevitable” attack

The Russian president also said that his country was ready to confront the enemy with an “inevitable attack.”

The statement comes on the heels of an incident in June in which Russia claimed it fired warning shots at a British fighter jet, Defender, which was over Ukrainian waters off Crimea in the Black Sea.

Nuclear submarines in the Baltic Sea

Happened like the Swedish Russia expert Martin Cragg then describe it As a way for Russia to celebrate domination of the region.

– From an official point of view, it is a matter of marking the Russian rule over the area around the Crimea, including the area which according to international law is an open sea area and in which ships of other countries can sail.

This week also showed Russia and Iran joint muscles, when two Iranian ships were first seen in the Baltic Sea, on their way to a military parade in Saint Petersburg. At the same time, Russia sent three strategic nuclear submarines with nuclear weapons capabilities – which had not happened before.

Ships from more countries

The Sunday parade at the Kronstadt Naval Base outside Saint Petersburg was part of the celebration of Russian Navy Day, which is celebrated at the end of July each year.

Ships from Pakistan and India also entered the Baltic Sea to take part in the celebration, according to the Swedish Armed Forces, which announced in a press release that it is constantly monitoring capabilities and activities in the vicinity.