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Android 13 Beta 4 premiera

Android 13 beta 4 released. It’s nearing the finals

Google has officially released the fourth beta of Android 13. The software in this version is almost stable and a candidate for release in the final version.

We are slowly approaching the final release of Android 13, which – if all goes well – should happen in August 2022. just released beta 4 This program is a good candidate to form a firm foundation for Android 13. Of course, Google can improve this and that, and the existing bugs and shortcomings should also be corrected.

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Android 13 Beta 4 is one of the last stages in creating a new program. The system is almost complete and almost stable now, so the released version may be available soon On board Pixel smartphonesbut also Make an Android emulator. What’s new in the latest version of Android 13? Lots of fixes for sure. Because this is really the stage where stability is most important in this version No new features are visible anymore.

Android 13 Beta 4 – How do you get it?

If you have a smartphone on which you have a previous beta version of Android 13 installed (for example on a supported Pixel), you will see a notification about a new OTA (over the air) update. If you want to install the latest software on your Pixel 4 or later, there are plenty of tutorials on the internet to do so. One of them falls at this address. Remember that You use this information at your own risk. Android 13 is not yet available in a fully stable version, so We do not recommend installing it.

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Android 13 in stable final version

As I wrote at the beginning of this post, we expect to release the latest version of Android 13 in August of this year. Then the software should be available to the owners Support for Google Pixel smartphones. The first phone with Android 13 must be pre-installed Pixel 7The first show that might happen In October of this year. Later, other devices will also be available with the new system.

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Text source: Android Authority