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Andrzej Piazczyk has a pink house and an interesting vegetable garden.  But it's still nothing!

Andrzej Piazczyk has a pink house and an interesting vegetable garden. But it’s still nothing!

This is how the Antizege Biasekni lives in the Świętokrzyskie mountains. Now he grows vegetables in contact with nature. See what an artist’s daily life is like!

Andrzej Biasegni is one of the artists who respects privacy. A few years ago Quiastor decided to live in the ęwiętokrzyskie mountains and gave up the hustle and bustle of the big city. The singer showed off her home for the first time in 2019 on the “Note! TVN” show in the beautiful setting of the mountains near Henrik Sienkivich Palace. Since then, it has undergone significant changes, most recently by Andrzej Beazzny investing in solar panels and using renewable energy sources. This is not the end! Quastore has also established its own vegetable garden, and each year has an impressive harvest of organic farming.

வீடுwiętokrzyskie The house of Andrzej Pyasekny in the mountains

Andrzej Piazzeni discovered his current place on earth while accidentally walking at the foot of the ęwiętokrzyskie mountains. “Viva!” Magazine. The interiors are decorated in a select style, with large wooden furniture and stylish accessories in the lead role. Take a look at the living room and garden of Andrzej Piasekni! Is this the garden? Perfect place to relax!

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Andrzej Piazczyk’s house is located in the ęwiętokrzyskie mountains in a quiet natural setting away from other buildings. The color of the building attracts attention. See for yourself! Some time ago, the artist decided to use photovoltaic panels.

The kitchen furniture in Andrzej Piazczyk’s apartment is made of light wood, and it reflects the rustic atmosphere of the interior. The artist also has a lot of cooking spaces so she can prepare delicious and healthy dishes with vegetables from her own garden.

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Instagram andrzejpiaseczny_official

You can find the artist choosing stylish wooden furniture that looks beautiful with red brick and dark flooring on the walls.

There is also a vegetable garden around the singer’s house with real specimens. Quiostore focuses on organic farming and is proud of the results of his work on the web.

The impressive sized living room with the beautiful view of the garden draws special attention to the artist’s home. A large dining room, colorful carpets and accessories emphasize the chosen style of the room.