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Anna-Lena Loren: The Kremlin will continue its satanic practices against Finland

On Tuesday, Finland decided to open two crossings on the closed border with Russia. However, Prime Minister Petri Orpo warned that they could quickly strike again if Russia continues to send migrants to Finland.

When the decision was taken to completely close the border at the end of November, the consensus in Finland was strong: if Russia uses asylum seekers to pressure Finland, the response must be decisive.

For Russians However, the closure is not presented to the public as an answer, but rather as a unilateral decision by Helsinki. Kremlin-controlled television channels and news websites did not report that Russian border guards escorted people without visas to the Finnish border. Instead, they focus on how Russian citizens are being harassed in Finland.

– Russians who immigrated to Finland because they wanted to live with “European freedoms” became second-class citizens, writes the pro-Kremlin business newspaper Fzjalgad In an angry column about how badly Russians are treated in Finland.

What conclusions should Sweden draw from this? It is very good that Finland is located between Russia and Sweden

When I am myself They had been in contact with Russian friends in St. Petersburg, and their only reaction was anger and disappointment towards Finland. It is not surprising that the Russian middle class reacts this way to any sanctions that make life more difficult for them. They are upset about being burdened with debt. Nothing more than Russia’s bombing of Ukraine.

The Kremlin knows this well. No matter how the situation on the Finnish-Russian border develops in the future, the leadership of the Russian state will continue to invent the devil. This is not surprising, but it is something Finland has been relying on since it became a member of NATO. Finland has NATO’s longest land border with Russia, and the potential for trouble is almost limitless.

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What conclusions should Sweden draw from this? It is very good that Finland is located between Russia and Sweden.

Sweden does not share a border with Russia and is surrounded on all sides by NATO countries. The Kremlin can violate Swedish airspace and spy in Swedish waters, but it has been doing so all along. Any major operation against Sweden would require careful planning. The number of immigrants sent to Finland was so small that the leadership of the Russian state clearly did not prioritize this issue in particular. Resources are needed in Ukraine.

But where Russia can create big problems with relatively small means, it will continue to do so. There are no good ways for Finland to change the situation, it just needs to be prepared for anything. Sweden can be happy with its geographical location, but it is also ready for anything.