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Örebronyheter – Student selection is canceled to save teaching time

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It is important that all students are given the conditions to succeed in school, and a prerequisite for this is sufficient time in all subjects. Poor teaching time can, among other things, stress both students and teachers and force teachers to prioritize certain pieces of content.

Therefore, the government proposes to cancel student selection to save teaching time for academic subjects that need more time.

The school should go back to the basics and focus more on real-world knowledge and basic skills. So the government goes ahead with the proposal to cancel student choice. The quality of student choice differed between schools, and teaching time needs to be spent on subjects that need more time insteadEducation Minister Lotta Edholm says.

In the referral of the Legislative Council, the government proposes to abolish student selection in primary school, private school and Sami school. The purpose is to save teaching time for subjects that need more time. The Swedish National Agency for Education found, among other things, that the teaching time in the community-oriented and nature-oriented subjects is not sufficient to cover all the areas described in the central content of the course plans.

The government will come back with proposals on how to redistribute time.

The changes are proposed to take effect on July 1, 2024 and apply for the first time to education beginning in the fall 2024 academic term.

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Source: Ministry of Education

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