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Cathedral bombing in Odessa attack – 1 dead

The meeting between the President of Russia Russian President Vladimir Putin And the leaders of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko It is the first since the Belarusian dictator helped end the Wagner Group’s rebellion against the Russian military leadership in June. With Lukashenko at the negotiating table, soldiers from Wagner and her commanders were agreed upon Yevgeny Prigozhin They will receive immunity, security guarantees and free travel to Belarus.

The Kremlin said that during the meeting in St. Petersburg on Sunday, the leaders will discuss the “strategic partnership and alliance” between the two countries.

Moscow warned two days ago that hostilities against Belarus would be seen as an attack on Russia. This week, Poland decided to move its forces closer to the border with Belarus, in response to the presence of Wagner’s soldiers. Then Putin said that Russia would use all means to stop any attack on Belarus.

number of wounded

Just hours before the meeting, Russia attacked the port city of Odessa, which has been bombed several times since the start of the all-out invasion of Ukraine.

At least one civilian was killed and about a dozen others were injured, according to the governor by the goalkeeper.

Pictures from the scene showed that an Orthodox cathedral in central Odessa was damaged in the attack. Six apartment buildings were also destroyed, the governor wrote on Telegram. Many of the buildings had shattered windows and damaged roofs and facades.

Multiple attacks

Odessa, as well as the port infrastructure in the southern region, has been attacked by Russia several times this week. Among other things, 60,000 tons of grain were destroyed in an attack on the port of Odessa, in what appears to be part of an effort to cripple Ukraine’s food exports since Moscow’s withdrawal from the Black Sea grain deal.

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Prior to the Russian invasion, Odessa on the Black Sea was a popular vacation destination for both Ukrainians and Russians. In January of this year, the UN UNESCO organization included the historical center of Odessa on its list of World Heritage Sites in Danger.