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Anna Lewandowska took her daughters to Robert’s game. Girls liked. Cheer up dad!

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Robert Lewandowski during a fan meeting in Dubai

The match between Bayern Munich and Grother Fuerth took place on Sunday. The home team of Robert Lewandowski was an unbeatable candidate. Finally they won 4: 1. Two goals belong to the Polish footballer. No wonder you have such a group of fans in the stands. Anna Lewandowska and her daughters appeared on the court. They applauded for him throughout the match, after which the athlete escorted them to the field.

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Robert Lewandowski was supported by his daughters. Beautiful pictures of grass

Robert and Anya Lewandowski had two daughters. It is not yet known if any of them will like to run after the ball, but it is already known that they are big football fans. Or at least the games their dad plays. The girls persistently watched the whole match from the stands. While cheering on the Polish footballer’s name, you can hear Clara and Laura joining the fans.

Support Clara LewandowskiSupport Clara Lewandowski igannalewandowska

After winning the match, Robert Lewandowski took the girls to the field. He told her about the field while holding Laura in his arms. She was interested in something great, she willingly listened to her father. The whole family also took a joint photo. You can see how the younger one looks admiringly at the stands from the center of the field.

LewandowskiLewandowski iganialewandowska

These aren’t the only fans who wanted to meet the number nine soccer player. When he left the stadium, a large group of fans were waiting for him. Robert Lewandowski signed autographs without any problems and even posed for a photo shoot.

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We don’t know if the number of goals has anything to do with the daughters and wife in the stands. However, it is known that with such support, the game becomes even more fun. More pictures in the gallery.