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Annie Reuterskiold found herself in the middle of the earthquake

Annie Reuterskiold found herself in the middle of the earthquake

Annie Reuterskiöld travels to Taiwan. The photo was taken outside Hualien City, which was the epicenter of the earthquake.

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At least four people were killed and 50 others were injured after the earthquake that struck Taiwan.

Photo: AP/AP TT News

Annie Reuterskiold is a familiar face to those interested in politics. On weekdays she works as a correspondent in the political editorial office of Dagens Nyheter magazine, but is currently on a trip in Taiwan with her family.

On Tuesday, they were in Hualien City, the epicenter of the quake, but the party is now in Taitung on the east coast. Here the strength of the earthquake reached 4 degrees.

My son and I were having breakfast on the 10th floor when the alarm went off and the floor started shaking, she wrote in a text message to Expressen.

The strongest earthquake in 25 years

At least seven people were killed and at least 700 others were injured in the earthquake, which was described as the strongest in 25 years, according to Reuters. At its highest level, it reached 7.4, according to the Geological Institute US Geological Survey.

– People screamed and laughed in the breakfast room, it was a strange mixture of nervous and relaxed atmosphere. Then there was an aftershock when we were swimming in the pool and there were sudden waves. I was a bit shaky this morning but now everything is calm, writes Annie Reuterskiold for Expressen.

The family was actually going to travel to an island but have now had to reconsider because there is a tsunami warning in place for eastern Taiwan, Japan and the Philippines.

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-We are trying to book a train ticket back to Taipei, but many routes are down, writes Annie Reuterskiold in Expressen.