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Another jump beyond the roundabout.  The protagonist of Old Mattis without great criticism

Another jump beyond the roundabout. The protagonist of Old Mattis without great criticism

Do Dangerous situation It happened last week on Pastor Jan Gałeczki Street in Chorzów. According to a preliminary police report, the 22-year-old foreigner ignored the appropriate road signs or actually “flew” in the center of the roundabout with Raisky Street. Fortunately no vehicle was moving in the opposite direction then No one was hurt In this case.

But that’s not all. It turned out so quickly that the vehicle was used by a young, old man Daewoo Matisse – Since January this year, it has not been properly inspected, and thus Traffic is not allowed.

Police, who were dispatched to the scene, determined the full course of the incident after visiting the surveillance record. The driver was fined a total of Rs 2000 PLN.

Officials point out that situations will change as described Increasingly common scenario on our roads. It is worth recalling the famous event in 2020, in which a 41-year-old man entered the roundabout in Rąbień, near dź, at high speed. The car collided with an electric pole in its center and flew a few meters above the ground. Vehicle Flew several metersThe tree was cut down and then parked in the outdoor building under the local church church.

The jumper from Rąbień soon found followers. At New Salt, the driver was relaxed, but he drove the car without a test and, as he explained, his brakes stopped working. On the other hand, the driver who jumped into the roundabout of the Siprakov lot was already drunk – he was in the body. 2 per milliliter.

Last year, a 29-year-old resident of Rzeszów did not notice any information about roundabout traffic. The Volkswagen Passat sped off, hit the shore of a roundabout under construction and – classically – flew over and stopped. Several dozen meters after the intersection.

Police officers under Section 25 remind you of that Road Traffic ActThe driver approaching the intersection is obliged to go at a speed that ensures control of the vehicle with particular caution.

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