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Another lock?  The Prime Minister answers's question

Another lock? The Prime Minister answers’s question

The fourth wave of the disease is expected to begin in the second half of August, Minister Adam Nidgilsky said. The portal asked Prime Minister Matos Morawecki at a press conference whether the government is considering the possibility of introducing another lockout if this black situation becomes a reality.

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We show the various scenarios that can happen, one of which is the distrust put forward by Minister Nietzsche. We are looking at what is happening in other countries, please look at the data in Portugal, which is four times smaller than us, where the number of infections is about 10 times higher. It is therefore clear that the delta variant, and the Brazilian variant in this case, are countries that move very rapidly from person to person.

Said the Prime Minister Matthews Moraviski In response to a question from the portal

We have to take this bad situation into account. “

We need to consider these awkward situations as well, so we can prepare the best, but also have solutions that slow down the progress of the virus. (…) I would like to appeal again – sensible always vaccinated. Since there is no cure for COVID-19 yet, the best solution is to (…) simply vaccinate. At the same time, it is an expression of responsibility for our relatives, neighbors, family and others with whom we interact, because consciousness or behavior, through infections, then a tragedy occurs

– Added.

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