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Gary Linker caused a storm after the Swedish game

Gary Linker caused a storm after the Swedish game

In the 97th minute of the match in Glasgow, Marcus Danielson hit the ball and then brutally hit Artem Besetin on the knee. Referee Daniel Orzado initially showed Sweden a yellow card, but after seeing VAR’s intervention and monitoring the situation, he, no doubt, dismissed Danielson. It is worth noting that this attack hurt the Ukrainian striker who could not continue Games.

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Many have no doubt that Danielson has full rights to the red card. However, Gary Linker has a different opinion. The former brilliant English striker and now a BBC journalist tweeted: “This is not a red card. He hits the ball in the right, fair way. Slow movement again makes an innocent entry more brutal than it really is. It’s ridiculous.”

The entry caused a storm on Twitter, but Linker did not give up and supported his opinion. “You can’t stop your leg when you kick the ball. It’s not a bad thing for someone to get injured when an opponent kicks the ball and hits unhappily, let alone a red card,” he added.

The worst mistake in Sweden – Ukraine game! The red card is not enough

On the screen from the unfortunate event, Linker responded, with the sentence: “Never determine the situation by photo”.

The red card is important for the fate of the entire game because at the end of extra time Ukraine, playing at the top, scored the winning goal, and after the 2-1 victory, she advanced to the Euro 2020 quarter-finals, where she will face England.

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