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The creator of Justin's hits has a new club!  A big challenge for Taban Tabaka

The creator of Justin’s hits has a new club! A big challenge for Taban Tabaka

John Tabak was very close to working at Unix Kazan, but in the end the Russians chose Velimir Bezovic. The creator of the latest Justel hits has got a job in Spain. He will run a very strong club!

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WP SportoweFakty / Karolina Bkowicz / Photo: Tan Tabak

Just before the start of the final series, after the end of the season, Enia Justel BC. Tabak announced his farewell to Geelona Cora and Energy Basket Liga. – I’m been here for two years with a clear goal: to get the Geelona Cora club out of a difficult situation. I think I have accomplished the task. I leave Gilona Cora and thanks to this wonderful time, I will remember this club, city and people well – said the Croatian coach.

Tabak – and still during the tournament – received offers from various clubs that offered him long-term offers, but the latter refused each time, saying he wanted to complete the project he started before the 2019/2020 season.

The Croatians have not complained about the lack of concessions recently. Again, his phone was red hot. At one point, Tabak seemed to be leading Unix Kazan (Jastal played with him in the VDP quarterfinals), but the Russians eventually chose Velimir Bezovic. The 51-year-old finally found a job in Spain, the place where he wanted to find himself again. He lives there every day (he wanted to be close with his family).

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Tabak has signed a one-year deal with Spanish club San Pablo Burgos, who has won the Basketball Champions League for two consecutive years (2020-2021). In the ACP League, that team was eliminated in the quarterfinals last season (defeat to Denerf). Others on the team include Alex Renfro, D.C. McDoton, Maxim Sonas or Witter Benite. Tabak will replace J. Benaroza as coach.

“His profile matches the club’s search. Tabak has extensive experience and extensive knowledge of ACP. It’s no secret that the menu set by Benaroya is very high.

As for Tabaka, this is another chapter of the ACP League. Previously, the Croatians worked in Real Madrid, Seville, San Jose Girona, the Basque Country and Buenos Aires. Now he will lead the San Pablo Burgos team, which has great aspirations in the Spanish League and the Basketball Champions League.

The departure of Tabaqa was the end of an era in Jastal. The requested Grodd led the team with a hard hand, returning to club winning and winning titles (Championship, Silver, Super Cup, Poland Cup and promotion to the VTP’s play-off stage). During his tenure, many players were promoted. His successor (Oliver Widin) will have a tough job, especially as the team faces a big change. Almost all foreigners will definitely leave.

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