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Apex Legends hacked Titanfall rescue seeker

Apex Legends It is one of the most successful titles today. shooter battle royale from Return entertainment, has more than 100 million players Unique and over 300,000 people playing it steam At the same time in May. Perhaps this is the reason for the existence of a group of pirates They decided to use it as a showcase to order it Save the game Titanfall.

This weekend, social network users announced that they could not start new games or were interrupted with a message saying:Save Titanfall“, he is called “Salvin TitanfallThe message was also revealed: “Titanfall 1 is under attack and therefore Apex Legends too.”

Initially, the problem only affected players in the . version Computer, but was later extended to Playstation 4 s Xbox One. There were no reports of it players From nintendo The switch will stumble upon the message.

Developer Respawn acknowledged the issues on Twitter, posting: “We are aware of issues affecting PlayApex playlists that are preventing players from playing the game. players Enter the games.

Subsequently, the company announced that the situation does not represent a security risk As for player data and that I was testing a solution that arrived a few hours ago, so currently the game is working properly and without interruption.

The problem wasn’t minor for Apex Legends, not only because it couldn’t deliver a good user experience for hours, but because it’s in the middle of organizing a special event that it seeks to bring to the players to the originals of his first two maps.

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What is Titanfall?

It seems that who is behind this? attack It was implemented due to similar issues that have been plaguing Titanfall games for years.

It must be remembered that in 2019, a hack Attributed to one person, kicking players out of Titanfall 1 sessions in Computer and inundating them with racist messages, making it nearly impossible to access the multiplayer-only title.

In recent months, Respawn has tweeted that “help will come as soon as possible” and “the team is investigating” issues such as DDOS attacks (denial of service) in the Titanfall series, but faults They keep appearing. With piracy turning into a problem, the game keeps stopping.

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Thus, it seems that the intent of the Apex Legends hackers was to draw attention to the problems it has Titanfall 2 Especially the first Titanfall. In fact, they also invited players to enter the “” website despite the fact that, as it was revealed, they are not directly associated with said portal.

At you can read: “Titanfall is a franchise loved by many and its problems pirates were increasing. The Titanfall community has been asking Respawn to fix this situation for the past three years, but there has been no response. Today, the game is still being sold even though it is completely unplayable. It’s time to talk.”

The site also ensures that they have contacted the developers on numerous occasions and through various channels but have stopped responding. “electronic arts, the parent company of Respawn and publisher of Titanfall 1 are aware of this situation, with numerous reports in their technical support systems over the years.”

Now we have to wait to see if the efforts are worth it and Respawn pays more attention to Titanfall to fix the glitches.