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Apple allows dating apps in the Netherlands with an alternative payment system › Macerkopf

Apple allows dating apps in the Netherlands with an alternative payment system › Macerkopf

Apple is currently addressing the Dutch developer community and has announced that alternative payment methods will be allowed in the local App Store. However, at the moment, this only applies to apps that can be assigned to the dating apps category. Apple is therefore complying with the request of the Dutch Consumer and Markets Authority (AMC) based in The Hague.

Apple allows apps to be evaluated in the Netherlands with an alternative payment system

Apple has been criticized by many developers and consumer organizations around the world for the fact that the company only allows its payment system in the App Store and charges 15-30 percent for it. This approach is slowly but surely breaking down. After Apple recently promised in South Korea to allow alternative payment systems, there is now a similar adjustment in the Netherlands. Apple will allow dating apps to use alternative payment systems.

Apple informed Its developer community in the Netherlands is asking AMC to make changes to the App Store policy and to allow alternative payment systems for Dasing apps. At the same time, Apple has indicated that it believes these requests are not in the interests of users, so it has appealed the ACM’s decision to a higher court.

Apple fears that the changes could affect the user experience and create new threats to users’ privacy and data security. In the meantime, Apple is committed to making the described changes. This will start immediately and Provide more information soon.

To comply with the ACM’s request, Apple is introducing two new optional permissions that are exclusive to dating apps on the Dutch App Store, providing users with additional payment processing options. Dating app developers who wish to continue to use Apple’s in-app purchase system can do so and no further action is required.

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Before developers consider offering an alternative payment method, it is important to understand that some features of the App Store that developers may currently use will not be available to their customers. Apple explains that payments made outside the app cannot be verified. Because Apple does not directly track purchases made using alternative methods, Apple cannot assist users with refunds, purchase history, subscription management, and other issues that may arise when purchasing digital goods and services through these alternative purchasing methods. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the developers to clarify the corresponding issues directly with customers,

In short: Developers who want to offer an alternative payment method are forced to make modifications to their apps and, logically, implement the new payment system. At the same time, the developers bear the potential risks that can arise during the payment process. In the end, each developer must decide for himself which method is best for him.