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Apple expands iCloud for Windows to include password managers

Everyone should use a password manager. (Photo:

Apple updated the iCloud app for Windows users on Wednesday. For the first time, it now provides access to iCloud keychain via two browser extensions.

iCloud in 12.5 expands the clearly arranged selection area of ​​the widget with the Passwords area. It offers no less than a connection to iCloud Keychain. This means that Apple users can also access the secure passwords from their keychain under Windows.

Passwords feature iCloud Keychain without convenient functionality

iCloud for Windows now includes a password manager. (Screenshot: iCloud / t3n)

However, this does not work across systems. Alternatively, Apple provides browser extensions for Microsoft Edge and Chrome that can be called from the iCloud app in the respective browser and installed accordingly. After installation in the respective browser, the iCloud extension automatically recognizes which form fields it has to make suggestions for.

Windows users can also edit or delete their existing access data. New accounts can also be created, the access data of which is then stored in the iCloud keychain and then provisioned on iPhones, for example. The Windows application does not offer any convenient functionality available on Apple systems, such as automatic creation of new passwords.

System requirements must be met

The current version of Windows 10 and the use of two-factor authentication with your Apple ID are required to use. In addition, Hello must be activated on Windows. Keyring insists on biometric authentication or PIN entry.

Almost done!

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The updated iCloud app is available at Microsoft Store Ready for download.

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